Elegant, Powerful, Secure VA Benefit claim filing system

VetPro makes it easy for you and your reps to work directly with Veterans and their families.  Creating and filing claims more efficiently allows you to be more focused on the person in front of you, and help more veterans in less time.


Veteran management and claim creation and submission software for Veteran Service Officers

VetPro is a case management, claim creation, and submission software for Veteran Service Officers. With the help of VetPro, you can streamline and standardize veteran tracking, allowing you to work directly with veterans applying for benefits while managing their records and claims. With our cutting-edge claims management system, you can collect electronic signatures, submissions, and have access to statewide reports right at your fingertips. Mobilize your Reps so they service veterans at satellite locations easily and efficiently.

VetPro has helped assist over 1.5 million claims and manage over 500,000 veterans. It’s user-friendly, tablet accessible, and up to date with VA forms so you can maximize your reach. For protection, your data is redundantly backed up and secure so you can confidently assist your veteran clientele. On top of that, our exceptional support team is ready to assist you at a moment’s notice whenever you have questions. Make the switch to VetPro today for a solution that’s simple and effective.

A proven system that makes filing claims easy

With VETPRO, you have the ability to track your users interactions with veterans. Our Notification Dashboard ensures you’re up to date on recent actions. Reminders make sure you don’t miss an important appointment or deadline. The new Dashboard reveals just how easy it is to navigate VETPRO

All you need is an internet connection.

  • Accessible from Tablets
  • Easy data input and claim process
  • Up to date VA forms
  • Sign Forms Electronically
  • Submit Electronically Directly to VA
  • Statewide reports at your fingertips
  • Standardize how you assist veterans
  • Data backed up redundantly
  • Mobile and Electronic Signatures

Focused Claim Filing System

VetPro has helped assist over 1.5 million claims and manage over 500,000 veterans. Request your demo now!

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